by Take Us To Vegas

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released October 14, 2013



all rights reserved


Take Us To Vegas Brisbane, Australia

TUTV is a young, five piece band hailing from the Sunshine Coast in Australia.

Blending equal measure of hope, despair, aggression and passion – reflective in their sound through soaring vocals, catchy melodies and jolting beatdowns, the music shines with sincerity and conviction, and as a result has drawn a loyal fanbase.

A must for fans of A7X, ADTR, Mephis May Fire, Sleeping With Sirens.
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Track Name: Dear Hodge Twins
It’s such a shame I let it come to this
Pulled in tightly then just fooled by your wickedness
Just wait for me to compose myself
I’ve been strung along like a puppet and then just thrown to the wolves.

I’ll burn and throw everything away
I won’t forget this time
Nor will I forgive a thing
Out on my own I can finally breathe
I was lost in the depths of the sea and I was drowning
I’ll take back my heart and I’ll bury it deep
No longer will love control me

You’re a mistake
A disease on the mind I had
I gave you it all but you threw it straight back
So don’t complain, no one wants to hear your shit
You’re nothing more than a forgettable kiss
If I’d known you were a thief
Then maybe my heart would still be in one piece
You watched me fall now watch me leave
And I will sever these ties that meant nothing to me

Let me hear those precious fucking words
That put the fear in my heart and my life at your fingertips
I live for the feeling of watching this all fall apart
In time wounds can heal
But I’ll still carry the scars
Track Name: Vital Signs
Now I fucking get it
What you meant when you said that “the world doesn’t owe us a thing”
But back then, taking my own life was more than just an option
I couldn’t see past the hatred, to me life was a painting
One so violent and painful you just want to close your eyes

Taken by the siren’s hand
Led into the devil’s heart
I was dragged across this line
I was burned and scarred
But life was worth it after all
And now I’m coming home.

Through life my darkness consumed me
I was betrayed by my own mind but now I am breaking its binds
I’m free and I’ll stand on my own
The battle’s worth fighting, so take back control
You don’t come back when you die so you should fear the reaper
We’re all scared to cry but we all taste the salt tears
It’s not your place to choose death over life

Worlds are torn apart on nights of sickening death
Sorrow follows every step of the way, so come home to a place that’s not so cold
Track Name: For The Love Of The Game
As I’m passing down these city streets
I can’t help but notice these marching feet
It takes me back to when I was young
When I wanted something more
When all I had to say is ‘All I need is a pen and a page’
Let nothing get in my way
Today’s the day I’m gonna make a change

So let us ride, so let us run
Where we stop nobody knows
Let us scream ‘til the morning comes
Scream for your life, live for the love
Before they tear your hopes apart
And let the thrill be forever young
With our lives on the run

As I look back on this life I’ve lived
I’ve just been a sheep dressed in wolves clothing
What happened to shooting for the stars?
What happened to living for a cause?
But now I’m on my way, I won’t ever conform to the ways of the day to day
So stand up
Make a change

I’m tired of waiting
This risk is worth taking
It’s time to break free
And set out for my dreams
Now reality’s dawning
My true life is calling
This time I’m ready
For fucking anything…
Track Name: Hades
I’ll raise this cup and cheers to my pain
I’ll down this bottle to drown reality
I’ll trade this spirit for my broken soul
The staircase to Hades is the only life I’ve known

The secrets I’ve held deep inside
Was the reason I went to the bottle every night
I remember there was a time that at the end of the tunnel
The light it shone bright

I took a step into the darkness and welcomed it as my new home
Watched the door slam behind me
The world I know, is no more
If I had known what I know now…
If I’d held onto my dreams…

I fed myself this lie; I thought this life was golden
Drowned myself every night, verging on self-destruction
So I’ll bleed it out and take it in
Let my mind fade to sin, live my life in the dark
Let my world fall apart
How could I cross this line?
I have to take control of this life that God gave me

What have I become?
Feel I’m a man on the run
I lost my morals when I lost two feet to stand on
God I need you now, I’m headed six feet down
Can you help me try to get my feet to solid ground?

I’m calling out for someone to save me
The love I felt has lost its hold
I kicked down the door that kept me in this lonely world
I can see the light and I can feel its warm embrace
I just need someone to pull me into grace
Track Name: Bloodwolves
I wish I spent a day with your blood on my hands
Heavy hangs the head filled with nothing but hate
I can’t afford to feel a thing
I’ll take my chances
I’m fine with running myself dead
Burning down flesh and blood and bone and skin

And I know that this is the end
As skeleton hands pen my name out like death threats
I’m hollow
A life full of sin
Just skin hiding bones and no heart within

Cast another stone
I’ll bleed your black heart dry
Dragged your name through mud with a smile on my face
You can trust me when I’m in the ground
I’ll keep spitting teeth
I’ll trade my soul for vengeance
Burning down flesh and blood and bone and skin

And we know this is the end
As skeleton hands carve our names on our death beds
We’re hollow lives full of sin
Just skin hiding bones and no hearts to give
Track Name: Burning At Both Ends
Take a look at this world, at this day and age
Where a life is dictated and thrown to the grave
Where a child’s mind is pushed aside, sent to an institute to conform and subside
Where a dream can be so easily killed
They broke down your hope, broke down your will
Now I ask you to stand
Let us unite
Stop blending in and reach for the sky

Let’s start this revolution
It’s time for our voice to be heard
It’s time to speak out loud
It’s time to take this life for your own

I sing a song for the broken a song for the jaded
It’s for the ones who were told they’ll never be anything
It’s for the broke-down souls; we won’t lose faith in you

Do you have the strength to follow your heart?
Life is too short to sit alone in the dark
So believe in yourself, believe in your dreams
The path that you follow could change history
Stop wondering what life could be
Embrace the fear and chase your dream
Your life will be over before it’s begun
With a strong mind you can do anything

Come join the revolution
It’s time for your voice to be heard
So scream it loud
Don’t just be another face in the crowd